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PCB Panelization Rule

Posted by sumcard 28/08/2016 0 Comment(s)

You can put same designs or different designs in one Gerber to get a panelized PCB.

To get a panelized PCB,you should follow the rules below:
a.Put the V-cut line in the Outline Layer(GKO/GML).In Eagle, put it in layer 46 & 50.
b.The penal size should be larger than 8*8cm, each sub-boards should be larger than 2*1.5cm.
c.The space between v-cut line and circuit wire should be larger than 0.4mm.
d.The V-cut should not have "T" style cross in the board.
e. V-cut line must be zero pitch between sub-boards.
1. No V-cut, get one complete board:
If you make your PCB with follow situation,you will get a complete board no matter you put same or different designs in your board. You won't be charge extra fee and maybe you will have to cut the boards by yourself.
(1) No v-cut line in the Outline Layer(GKO/GML)
(2) Use silkscreen to separate the board.
panelization rule:v-cut line in silkscreen
2.V-cut, get panelized boards:
(1)Same design (a panel board with several same design) 
 This will not be charged if sub-boards are less than 10pcs in a panel.If the same sub-boards are over 10pcs in one panel, we will inform you to pay USD10 for the process fee.
(2)Different design (a panel board with several different design)
This will be charged $9 for each sub-boards.
eg.   There are 4 different design in your panelized board (Ax1,Bx1,Cx1,Dx1), this will be charged $36 extra.
       There are 3 different design in your panelized board but 4 sub-boards(Ax2,Bx1,Cx1), this will be charged $36 extra.
4 sub-boards
Note: If you use drills, slots, separate outlines instead of v-cut line to divide your board, your board will be treated as a panel, too.
Panelize with space,the space between the board should be over 2mm,like the blow:

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