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2U is a PCB manufacturer that I agree with in China.
Louis Dong on 29/11/2018
I use Shenzhen2U for all my private electronic projects. Delivery to Germany w...
Robert on 02/10/2018
I am very happy with the PCB assembly service. Tobe Xu was the person I was emai...
Abhishek Narula on 11/07/2018
Very good quality, Quick Nice Customer service, very good price I use ShenZ...
spilz on 26/04/2017
I've placed about 5 or 6 orders with them so far this year, nothign too fancy, y...
Satisfied REPEAT customer on 16/12/2016
I ordered deluxe PCB's thick and covered in gold. The results were fantastic! Fo...
seamusmcfadden on 14/12/2016
Ordered 5 boards, great service, responded promptly to notify me of a problem wi...
Mike M. on 30/09/2016
Ordered some boards for a project I was working on. Great service! Prompt, good ...
Adam S on 25/08/2016
Fantastic! Good quality, decent turnaround times. 6 days turnaround time, 15 da...
ikromin on 18/04/2016
Fast and reliable! I ordered a 5x6 cm 1-sided PCB . It arrived quickly and it i...
Klopf on 30/03/2016
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