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Daniel R. on 15/05/2020 Purchased: PCB Assembly
I'm a research project manager in Austria and I have ordered multiple prototype boards including SMT assembly service from ShenZhen2U. I ran into limitations with other PCB manufacturers, either their lead time was too slow for prototyping, or they were not flexible enough regarding the component assembly. The process with ShenZhen2U has been a pleasure. The communication and support is excellent, they were flexible regarding special components and the lead time for the boards was very fast compared to other competitors (less than a week).
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Louis Dong on 29/11/2018 Purchased: PCB Prototype
2U is a PCB manufacturer that I agree with in China.
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Robert on 02/10/2018 Purchased: PCB Prototype
I use Shenzhen2U for all my private electronic projects.
Delivery to Germany was quick. Order to door time ~ 3weeks in total.
Quality for all previous orders very good.
Five Stars!
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Abhishek Narula on 11/07/2018 Purchased: PCB Assembly
I am very happy with the PCB assembly service. Tobe Xu was the person I was emailing with frequently and he was very helpful throughout the process. He even checked up with me once my package was delivered. I would highly recommend ShenZhen2U. They provided exceptional quality at an amazing price.

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spilz on 26/04/2017 Purchased: PCB Prototype
Very good quality,
Nice Customer service,
very good price
I use ShenZhen2U for all my DIY projects which need pcb.
I really recommand
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Satisfied REPEAT customer on 16/12/2016 Purchased: PCB Prototype
I've placed about 5 or 6 orders with them so far this year, nothign too fancy, your standard two layer PCB boards. I've stuck with them for a reason, the turnaround, quality, and service are great. Once I finish my prototyping, I'll see how their PCB assembly and sourcing works. If its anything like the basic pcb prototying, i feel like they could make a great partner for a small run shop.

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seamusmcfadden on 14/12/2016 Purchased: PCB Prototype
I ordered deluxe PCB's thick and covered in gold. The results were fantastic! For the price...perhaps unbelievable? The VIA's have excellent continuity and the functionality is top notch. I have soldered and de-soldered components from these PCB's. The performance is excellent in both regards. The integrity of the PCB remained strong and functional. I am very pleased and will contact the ShenZhen people again!
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Mike M. on 30/09/2016 Purchased: PCB Prototype
Ordered 5 boards, great service, responded promptly to notify me of a problem with my files, once corrected they got my boards to me in a timely manner. Would recommend.
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Adam S on 25/08/2016 Purchased: PCB Prototype
Ordered some boards for a project I was working on. Great service! Prompt, good selection of options, and no errors at all.
In fact, it looks like they liked my board so much they decided to include it in the image gallery (it's the black one). I feel so proud..
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ikromin on 18/04/2016 Purchased: PCB Prototype
Fantastic! Good quality, decent turnaround times.
6 days turnaround time, 15 days for delivery. Price is excellent and quality superb! Very much recommended! Full review here:
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Klopf on 30/03/2016 Purchased: PCB Prototype
Fast and reliable!
I ordered a 5x6 cm 1-sided PCB . It arrived quickly and it is of high quality.
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newone on 22/03/2016 Purchased: PCB Prototype
Best service yet!
Seriously the best service I have used so far.
Very impressed with quality, speed and cost. Always ordered 10 when prototyping always got at least 12!
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ProtoTEK on 21/03/2016 Purchased: PCB Prototype
Excellent PCB Service, Highly Recomended!
I have ordered several PCB's from ShenZhen2u and all of them are of excellent quality, prices are very reasonable and only takes about 2 weeks from ordering to receiving them.
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P H on 13/03/2016 Purchased: PCB Prototype
gps tracking
I order 10 boards, 100mm*100mm, 2 faces, with 9 different PCB (not cut).
From order to receive, it tooks exactly 2 weeks.
Good quality, good packaging.
I will order with next time I need it.
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bipsen on 13/02/2016 Purchased: PCB Prototype
Excellent quality!
I needed some PCB's from a deisgn, I found on the web. The design was made in KiCAD, and included Gerber files. The initial upload of the gerber files from the archive did not work - but I quickly generated new Gerber files and renamed them according to the requirements - and they were processed without problems.
When the PCBs arrived, I was amazed by the finish.
This was my first time using the ShenZhen2U prototype PCB service - and it is definitely not the last time.
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massale on 11/02/2016 Purchased: PCB Prototype
My first PCBs with shenzhen2u. I've just uploaded my eagle brd file instead of the gerbers and... it's simple and inexpensive for an awesome quality.
Ordered 10 pieces, received 13. Cool !
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Sebastjan on 06/02/2016 Purchased: PCB Prototype
Great service!
This is my 3rd time, that I have ordered PCB's from ShenZen2U. I have received one gratis PCB. Great quality of PCB's. Keep up the good work.
I will use your service in the future.
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UncleSash on 01/01/2016 Purchased: PCB Prototype
After 3 Orders, still great PCBs!
This time was a little bit slow. But still on time to the US.
I get 1 PCB with issues, but they put 1 more in, as ordered.
So I received 100% good PCBs!
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Sebastjan on 12/12/2015 Purchased: PCB Prototype
Very good PCB service!
This is my second time to PCB service. I have ordered 2 different PCB's, size 5 x 10cm. The quality of PCB's are very high. I will use this service in future.
I have ordered from Slovenija and the hole process from order to receive PCB's was 16 days.
Keep up the good work.
Sebastjan Sebastjan Sebastjan
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drTonis on 11/11/2015 Purchased: PCB Prototype
Very good PCB service.
It was the second time to use this PCB service and I have so far always been very satisfied with the results. PCBs have good quality and the service is fast.
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